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A non-profit organisation who promote and encourage the use of Linux based operating systems & open source
software by providing free IT solutions, software, support, guides and advice.

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Fernhill Linux Project - Third Party Content

Our third party content page is still under construction.

At this time you should contact us if you wish to use any content from Fernhill Linux Project website.

This image was modified and published on facebook. We were not given information to link to the source.

This image was created by vessago and is GPL licensed.
This image was taken from gnomelook.org and only links back from here.

This image was taken from ubuntu.com/ubuntu and it links directly to that page.

This image was taken from google images and belongs to KompoZer, it links directly to their home page.

This image was provided by BPWebSoluitions and links directly to their site.

This image was taken from the Lubuntu wiki and belongs to Lubuntu, it links directly to their wiki home page.

Fernhill Linux Project would like to thank BPWebSolutions for their help and support. By using this link BPWebSolutions will also donate a small percentage of any purchases to Fernhill Linux Project.