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Services & Support

Our services and support are aimed at beginner and intermediate computer users, and new Linux users.
We try to keep everything simple and easy understand.

An Introduction

Most computers sold have proprietary operating systems pre-installed such as Windows, and after paying for a computer with a proprietary operating system pre-installed most people just stick with it.
If you purchased your computer more than three years ago, your computer may be slow, clunky and simply not working as well as you would like by now.

Solutions to the problem commonly include:

There is also another solution which you should consider :

Install a Linux based operating system such as UBUNTU

Why would you do that?
Well for a start, it's free and Fernhill Linux Project will help you.
We can do this by analysing your computer and selecting appropriate Linux distributions based on the results. We can then provide live discs to test those distributions risk free, and guide you through the installation process. Once installed we can also guide you through setting up, configuring and using your new operating system. We also provide additional support through workshops, discussion groups and on-line.

What will Linux do and why use it?

Linux is a very broad term and there are hundreds of different versions of Linux based operating systems (known as distributions). Fernhill Linux Project prefers official Ubuntu distributions, and Ubuntu based distributions, where possible these will be used. The official Ubuntu family of distributions is supported by Canonical and estimated to have over 20 million users world wide.

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