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Wireless Problems

Setting up a wireless internet Connection on Ubuntu is usually very easy,
However some wireless adaptors
/ computers use proprietary drivers which cannot be distributed with Ubuntu.
This means you will not be able to make a wireless internet connection without following the steps below.

First you should make a wired internet connection and fully update your computer.
Then click on 'system settings' ( the cog & spanner icon on the launcher ) and select 'additional drivers'.
If there are additional proprietary drivers available for your computer they will be listed.
Simply select the drivers that are listed and click 'install'.
Then restart your computer, remove the wire and try setting up your wireless connection again.

If the above method does not work, or there are no additional drivers available, you will need to use 'ndiswrapper'.
Ndiswrapper is a windows wireless driver tool, available from Ubuntu Software Centre.
First you need the windows wifi driver, usally available from the manufacturers website.
Then you can run 'ndiswrapper' and use it to install the windows driver on your system.

Read the official guide on 'Wireless Troubleshooting'
Read the official guide on 'ndiswrapper'

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