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Using Unity

Unity is a graphical shell for gnome 3, and it is the default graphical shell used for Ubuntu.

The primary means of accessing programs is from the unity launcher bar on the left side of the screen.
Simply left clicking any icon once will launch that program, right clicking the icon will give you options.
Using the right click you can choose to keep programs in the launcher or remove them.

At the top of the launcher is the dash icon which is represented by the ubuntu logo.
The dash will allow you to find or access programs that are not displayed on the launcher, as well as files and media.
You can simply start typing your desired program or function in the search bar for suggestions of available programs.


The windows key is commonly referred to as the 'super key' or 'meta' by Linux users.
You can access the dash using the super key, just press it once.
You can click the application icon at the bottom, or press 'super & A', to view a list of installed software, and filter the results.

The super key has many functions in Unity, holding it and pressing other buttons will produce nice effects and provide useful functions. Here are a couple of examples :

Holding super and pressing 'w' once will show all windows from the current desktop side by side.
Holding super and pressing 's' once will show you the workspace switcher.

When you open a program using unity you should note that minimise, maximise and close controls are located at the top left of the window / screen.
You may also notice that some programs do not have controls like file, edit and view at the top of the window.
These controls will be displayed for the selected window, when hovering the mouse poiter on the bar at the top of your screen, or by holding the 'Alt' key.

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