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Basic Security

The first, and most important security step everyone should take is to create and use, better and stronger passwords, for your computer, and all online accounts. If you are using a password like "password", your name, your football team etc, change it now. If you are using a short password or a simple word because it is easy to remember, change it now.

If we were to use "Fernhill" as our password it would be a bad idea.

If we added one letter to each letter so F = G, E=F and so on, as below

F  E  R  N  H  I  L  L

G  F  S  O  I  J  M  M

We would have a password that looked like "gfsoijmm"
That would be better and still fairly easy to remember.

We could use any type of rule to create our password from the original,
As long as we remember the rule or the new password.

We recommend you should have at least 8 characters in any password.
You should always use a mixture of lowercase & uppercase letters with numbers.

You may find the following guides very helpful.

Ubuntu wiki - Basic Security
Psychocats - Security on Ubuntu

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