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Installing Ubuntu


Ubuntu is very easy to insall, but it can seem a bit complicated because like everything else in the open source world you are given lots of choices and you need to pick one that suits you. These are your main choices when installing Ubuntu :

Erase everything and install Ubuntu
Install Ubuntu alongside windows
Something Else

The first two choices will automate almost all of the complicated bits, and are therefore the easiest options for new users.
The something else option gives you complete control over everything about your installation, and is therefore the best option for more confident users.

If you erase everything and install Ubuntu, it will do just that, you can relax and watch.

If you intend to install alongside windows, your hard disk will be automatically re-partitioned to make a seperate partition where Ubuntu can be installed. You just need to agree with the choices that the installer makes, then sit back and relax. We recommend de-fragmenting your hard disk (in windows) before doing this, although it is not necessary.

If you choose something else you can do exactly what you want, here are some choices :

Re-partition hard disks manually.
Allocate separate root, home and boot partitions to use.
Choose exactly where to install Ubuntu.
Install to an external Hard Disk or USB drive.
Install alongside windows and several other Linux distributions.

Fernhill Linux Project would like to thank BPWebSolutions for their help and support. By using this link BPWebSolutions will also donate a small percentage of any purchases to Fernhill Linux Project.