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Hardware Problems

Laptop Touch Pad

A known bug in ubuntu 11.10 is that laptop touchpads sometimes do not work or stop working after a little while.
If you encounter this problem simply open a terminal and enter the following command :

'synclient Touchpadoff=0'
The touchpad will then be re-enabled, but you will need to run the command again when it happens next.


A common problem we hear is - the microphone is not working.
This is simply caused by the sound capture volume controls needing to be turned up.

You can turn the microphone volume controls up using the command "alsamixer" in a terminal.
When alsamixer opens press F4 to view sound capture volume controls.
Then use the left and right arrows to select controls, and use the up and down arrows to adjust levels.
If it shows 'mm' below a control then it is muted, you can use "m" to unmute it.
When you are finished, pressing 'ESC' will exit alsamixer.

Your microphone should now be working as expected.

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