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We have just added a video on 'How to Boot from CD & USB & Change Boot Order' at the bottom of the page.

Bios stands for 'basic input output system' and it controls your computer from when you switch it on, until it tells your operating system to load. Have a look at this
article on wikipedia for more information.

If you have never accessed your Bios before we suggest watching this video
The video is located a short way down the page that the link takes you to.
It is surprisingly humorous, whilst being a simple, factual, accurate tutorial for Bios functions.

An introduction to using the Bios

For the most part you will never need to access the Bios, but if you wish to install an operating system or test a Linux distribution,
you will need to tell the Bios to boot from a CD or USB drive, instead of loading your default operating sytem from the hard disk.

This can mostly be done simply by pressing one key just after your computer is switched on.
To find out what key this is you can simply look at the screen when you switch the computer on.
We are looking for the first image that is displayed for a few seconds only.

Pressing 'pause/break' on the keyboard at this point should pause the computer so you can have a good look.
You will then need to press
'pause/break' again to resume the computer.

the bottom of the screen you may have seen something like :
'Press F2 to enter Setup' and 'Press F12 to change boot order'.
 Pressing F12 will allow us to change the boot order without accessing the bios.
You would then be presented with a list of bootable devices.
Using the arrow keys to select your choice and pressing enter will allow you to boot from your selected device.

If your computer BIOS does not have the option to change the boot order using the above method,
or you want it to boot from a CD/Device everytime, have a look at our guide on changing the boot order manually.

Below we hope to compile a list of computer and bios information,with the necessary steps to boot from removable media, making the process as simple as possible.

Acer       : Insyde Bios : Press F12
          Gateway :             Bios : Press F10         
Toshiba  : Insyde Bios : Press F12

Fernhill Linux Project would like to thank BPWebSolutions for their help and support. By using this link BPWebSolutions will also donate a small percentage of any purchases to Fernhill Linux Project.